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Problems with teeth are very common for everyone who is in habit of non-conscious eating. In case of any problem, we do visit dentist where corrosive tooth bleach is applied on teeth. This treatment is carried out by chemicals so it can harm in long term or can leave side effects.

Who does not want white teeth? But due to food habits, water and diseases your teeth loose the shine and color. But this does not only take away the beauty of your teeth but also takes your confidence away. But the new and advanced teeth whitening gels are ready to solve this problem. It can reduce the yellow patches on your teeth without any or very little clinical procedure.

There are some clinical procedures that may damage the calcium present in the teeth in the course of making it look whiter. But in most of the advanced teeth whitening gel this would not happen. The chemicals that are used in the product needs to be side effect free or natural ingredients should be present in the same. It is bleach for your teeth and it is best when the ingredients are safe. Make sure to verify the brand before you actually purchase it.

Professional tooth whitening is where a certified dental assistant or a dentist performs procedures to whiten the teeth. Although there are products that can be used to whiten teeth, many individuals prefer to have their teeth to be whitened professionally. The reason as to why people have their teeth whitened is because of the teeth becoming discolored due to getting older, teeth stained on the surface by either food or drinks such as coffee or red wine or even due to smoking plus any other reason that may cause your teeth to be discolored.

Individuals therefore seek remedies of the discolored teeth from professionals, so that their teeth may be restored to their white color and restore a beautiful smile. The main method individuals choose in professional teeth whitening, this is because it takes only 60 minutes and offers instant results. This method is rather expensive as compared to other professional methods of whitening teeth. Another method that is quite popular is professional bleaching, which is cheaper.

Here we have few guides that will prevent your teeth from discoloring:

1. Meet your dentist on regular basis. As the procedure can be performed without a dentist, you will not be embarrassed to face one even if you have a bad breath.

2. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice every day. Make sure
to brush at bedtime and use a gum massager to get under gum flap.

3. Avoid drinking fluoride added water.


4. If you smoke try to reduce as much as possible because smoking harm your teeth more than any other factor.

5. If you are addict of coffee or tea, then reduce it and have mouth was after tea or coffee.

6. Some fruits like strawberry is excellent tooth whitener.

7. Baking soda is used for dental whitening purpose. Many toothpastes have baking soda as their ingredient.

Hope all these guides will work for you. So have care of your teeth and keep smiling.

Everyone wants pearly white teeth and if you’re like me, you would try anything to make your teeth just a little brighter. Personally, I always brush with whitening toothpaste. This does have a minor effect, but overall doesn’t make a huge difference in the color of my teeth. This is because it only removes surface stains.

The kit is easy to use and comes with instructions that are easy to follow. It makes the procedure easier.

Whitening strips, however, seem to be much more effective. Put them on twice a day for about a half hour and results can be seen in just a few days, thanks to the peroxide which gets a little deeper into the tooth.

Unfortunately, no teeth whitening treatment lasts forever. With extra care and staying away from foods and beverages that stain your teeth, you may be able to go a year without another treatment. Realistically, an average person will probably have to undergo another whitening within a few months to maintain that level of whiteness.

It is a less costly procedure compared to the clinical one which requires you to visit the clinic numerous times.

Teeth whitening can be a great challenge when it has already shaded your beauty and self confidence. Many of us are not confident with the concept of clinical teeth whitening procedure. For them there are home teeth whitening kits that would solve the problem at the comfort of home. There are several benefits of home teeth whitening kits.

– Clinical procedure includes laser therapy at times. Through the result comes faster it is not safe especially for kids.

– There are so many varieties to choose from that you can always find the one suiting your budget.